Growing up I learned how  to cook at a young age. My obsession with making everything from scratch of course led me to baking. In 2013 for my brother's birthday I created a ice cream cake . As my interest grew more for cakes I began baking all the time for family and friends. After years of baking just for fun while pursuing my college degree, I decided to put my nursing degree on hold and attend culinary school. After completing culinary school, I once again pushed cakes to the side . Reality was real so I continued working two jobs. I began working in restaurants and world known bakeries. In 2017 the most high sent me a wake up call! Then and only then did I realize that I was given a talent that was supposed to be shared with you all.  In 2018 I legally made Cee's Cakes & Creation known to the world!


"from scratch like grandma use to make"

Cee's  Cakes & Creations is an online bakery based in The Bronx NYC . We offer custom and classic cakes, in addition to other sweet and out of this world creations. All cakes are baked from scratch (just like grandma use to make). Here at Cee's Cakes we thrive on taking old school classic treats and giving them a new age twist. Our ultimate goal is to create good quality homemade creations that taste just as good as they look!